Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Home Away From Home in Moab Utah

If you're planning a trip to Moab Utah, you're headed for amazing sights and endless adventure. Why not make your trip to Moab even better by staying in a luxury condo instead of another hotel?
Forget squeezing everyone into another tiny, cramped hotel room with thin walls, noisy surroundings, and overcrowded parking lots. Instead, experience Moab Utah in a luxury condo that provides plenty of breathing room and lots of peace and quiet — at an incredible value. Our Moab Utah condo rentals are close to all the adventure, yet private enough to relax and enjoy your stay.
Before you waste another memory or a single cent more on a humdrum hotel room, take advantage of all the comforts of home that our Moab Utah vacation rentals provide.  Enjoy beautiful views, roomy kitchens and dining areas, comfortable surroundings, plenty of room to relax, and of course, lots of privacy.

Comfortably accommodate your whole family in one of our three-bedroom luxury condos, each featuring 2.5 baths, washer and dryer (including detergent), pool and hot tub, patios and propane BBQ pits, free wi-fi and long distance, fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers, hair dryers, and fresh sheets and towels.
Your fully-equipped kitchen and dining space allows you to plan meals around your schedule and save money by eating in. No strict dining hours, no eating out of vending machines, and no driving miles out of your way for a good meal.
Sleep in as long as you want in one of three private full-size bedrooms. No more uncomfortable nights spent crammed into multiple beds in the same room, no more late night bathroom trips to disturb everyone's rest, and no more noise coming from the room next door. You enjoy comfortable, dream-filled nights in your own private room.
Visit the bathroom as often and as long as you want. No more rushing in and out to accommodate everyone else, no more towel sharing, and no more living out of a bag. Simply unpack your things and enjoy!
Grill a great meal out on your patio, take a dip in the pool, relax in the hot tub, or just enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Each of our Moab Utah condo rentals provide plenty of outdoor space so everyone can stretch out and make themselves at home.
Check in is quick and easy — all you need is the door code to access your condo. Park your car in the spacious garage, quickly unload everything, and start enjoying your stay. You're only 5 minutes from Moab, 10 minutes from Arches National Park and less than an hour away from Canyonlands National Park. You're also close to the market and gas station…just in case.
Our Moab Utah vacation rentals are your home away from home. Visit us online to reserve the perfect spot for your Moab adventure at

Written By

Shon Walter
Moab Tourism Center

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