Sunday, December 30, 2012

Go With The Flow In Moab Utah

There are rides — and then, there are amazing rides you'll never forget! River rafting in Moab Utah is an amazing ride that stays with you for life. The beauty of the Colorado River takes you away from the hectic pace of every day life and immerses you in natural splendor — the sights, sounds, and solitude all combine to create an oasis for your senses. Indulge yourself in a remarkable journey through the wonders of nature on a guided river rafting trip by Red River Adventures and booked at the Moab Tourism Center.

From calming waters that cool your soul to rambunctious rapids that test your cool, the Moab Tourism Center has the perfect route to suit everyone's comfort and experience levels — whether you want to relax and enjoy nature or catch some air bouncing down the rapids with family and friends.
Depending on how much time you have to enjoy the river, you can choose a half-day, full-day or two-day trip. Drift along at the pace of the river between soaring canyon walls amidst spectacular scenery. Stop off on white sandy banks and enjoy a delicious lunch under bright green cottonwoods. Then, hop back into your raft and shove off to ride the rapids. Wrap up the fun with a refreshing swim or more splashy thrills.
Stay on the Colorado a little longer to experience more of the river, hearty riverside meals, and camping under a blanket of stars — and let the sound of the water lull you to sleep. We take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy every moment! Your comfort and enjoyment are the first priority for everyone at Red River Adventures and the Moab Tourism Center. You get the best rafting equipment, deluxe camping gear, and delicious food to enhance your incredible adventure.
We want every guest to be thoroughly delighted, so our focus is — and always will be — on making sure that you have a fun, safe and memorable experience. The rafting guides are enthusiastic outdoor experts with extensive whitewater skills and rescue experience. Before putting in on the river, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to stay safe, and be fitted with a life vest or personal flotation device (PFD) for extra protection. You'll also get to practice your paddling skills and learn some great new techniques before heading downstream.
The Moab Tourism Center manages all the details of your river rafting journey so you can enjoy adventurous care-free days and dreamy nights under a galaxy of stars. By the end of your journey, you'll be refreshed, full of exhilarating memories to share…and ready to plan your next rafting adventure! So, come visit us at the Moab Tourism Center, and find out why we are Moab Utah's #1 adventure booking company.

Written By
Shon Walter
Moab Tourism Center

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