Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Off-Roading In Moab Utah Is The Cure For Your Adventure Deficit Disorder

If cruising off the beaten path to explore hidden wonders and marvel at stunning scenery sounds appealing, then you're in luck!  Off-road adventure in Moab, Utah, combines the thrill of rugged desert terrain with the beauty of exquisite views you can't find anywhere else on the planet.
Moab Utah is known the world over for exciting off-road adventures ranging from wide open dirt roads to slow and steady crawls up and down steep, narrow, slick rock trails.  In fact, the toughest off-road competitors come to Moab to hone their 4x4 skills.
Hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4x4 routes crisscross the rugged backcountry on over 50 different trails.  No matter what your level of ability, beginners and experts alike find 4x4 routes worthy of conquering — from smooth and scenic backcountry trails to choppy and challenging rock crawls and everything in between.
Following are just a few of the most scenic 4x4 trails that offer a full range of off-road adventure:

  • Hell's Revenge Trail is a slow climb and even slower descent up and down steep grades and along tight edges that rewards you with unbelievably gorgeous overlooks.
  • Fins and Things Trail is an exceptionally scenic ride on slickrock and sandy hills that unfolds into steep ups and downs over rugged terrain.
  • Shafer Trail begins on blacktop featuring petroglyphs along the steep canyon walls and then transforms into a challenging one-lane drive over large rocks, sand and slick rock.
  • Hurrah Pass Trail winds through Kane Creek Canyon over sharp ledges, steep climbs and shallow water crossings up to gorgeous views atop the 4,780 foot Hurrah Pass.
  • Chicken Corners weaves along small ledges crossing high above the Colorado River on high-shelf roads where you can gaze across the river to "Thelma and Louise Point." 
  • Sevenmile Rim Trail blazes along scenic slick rock trails past Uranium Arch, Wipe-Out Trail, and miles of stunning scenery.
  • Top of the World Trail meanders along broken layered rock to a stretch of cliffs near the Colorado River, revealing a stunning viewpoint above Fisher Valley and Onion Creek  set against the backdrop of the La Sal Mountain range.  

Every 4x4 route offers exhilarating adventure and amazing scenery.  But, one of the "must-do" 4x4 trails in Moab is Hell's Revenge, famous for its steep grades and colorful slick rock roller-coaster feel.  Rolling terrain whisks you up and down petrified sand dunes and past incredible views of the Colorado River, Arches National Park, and the La Sal Mountain range.  This is an experience you definitely won't want to miss! To conquer Moab's most scenic 4x4 routes, visit The Moab Tourism Center where you'll find Jeeps specifically designed to take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Written By
Shon Walter
Moab Tourism Center

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