Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Biking in Moab Utah Takes You Above and Beyond the Ordinary

Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Utah between towering sandstone walls is a lush green river valley — Moab.  While Moab Utah has long been popular with river and hiking enthusiasts, over the years, it's become known as the ultimate mountain biking "mecca."  It earned this reputation for good reason — in addition to its plateaus and deep canyons, the views are over-the-top spectacular.  The combination of riding trails for all skill levels and southern climate make Moab Utah a haven for mountain biking and cycling.
Novices can ease into cycling on many of Moab's low-key trails with bikes and equipment available from The Moab Tourism Center.  Bicycling in Moab Utah is every bit as enjoyable and much less strenuous — taking you into the heart of the region and surrounding you with incredible scenery. Escape the confines of pavement and set out to more peaceful, secluded spots, such as the Moab Brand Trails, Klondike Bluffs and the Intrepid Trail System:
· The Brand Trails invite beginners to explore a network of trails, including the Bar M trail, which loops around to other beginner trails like the Lazy EZ and Rusty Spur trails.
· Klondike Bluffs Trail is the perfect slickrock adventure for first-timers that begins with a moderate climb and covers minor technical terrain over a 9.6 mile round trip, and then wraps up with a short hike over the last half mile.
· The Intrepid Trail System is a family-friendly slickrock trail with even terrain, mellow slopes and dramatic views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park.
· The La Sal Loop is thoughtfully designed for bicycling on skinny tires.  The loop takes you past Castle Valley, continues up to the lush green La Sal Mountains, and winds down the backside into the Moab valley. For an extra treat, wait up on the bluff overlooking town to watch the sun sink toward the horizon.  Then, coast down the trail into town before dark.
More experienced riders can strike out on multi-day treks across the rough desert terrain.  In fact, Moab offers mountain biking enthusiasts some of the best trails on the planet. Technical challenges, high plateaus, washboard terrain, steep cliffs, and ledges that demand speed and then surprise you with unexpected corners are just a few of the reasons that Moab trails are on the wish lists of most mountain bikers worldwide!
Slickrock is the world famous trail that transformed Moab into a mountain biking mecca.  Endless stretches of barren rock as slick as sandpaper treat mountain bikers to gravity-defying maneuvers and pure exhiliration.  Explore elevated sandstone platforms flanked by cliffs cut by the Colorado River, and reward yourself with panoramic views of Arches National Park and the La Sal Mountain range.
Whichever trails you choose, whether bicycling or mountain biking, you'll experience thrilling rides past stunning scenery that you won't believe…and you'll never forget.  Since you'll be riding a combination of bike paths, paved roads, and rugged backcountry tracks, you'll want a great bike that you can count on.  So, stop by the Moab Tourism Center for all the best mountain biking equipment in Moab.

Written By
Shon Walter
Moab Tourism Center


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