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Weather in Moab Utah

Moab’s weather is a bit tricky — after all, Mother Nature must contend with high mountain elevations, dry desert air and chilly water from the Colorado River.  So, temperatures can fluctuate up to 40 degrees in a single day, especially in the mountain valleys and mesas, which can be 10 to 20 degrees cooler.
Thankfully, the range of outdoor activities available in the Moab area supplies visitors with endless options for recreation at ideal temperatures. Weatherwise, the most popular seasons in Moab are Spring and Fall.
June through mid-September is Moab's "warm season," when average daily temps range between 68º and 86º F.  Late November through February is Moab's "cold season" with average daily temps ranging between 50º F and 35º F.
No matter what the weather forecast, outdoor enthusiasts visit Moab year-round — enjoying unique wilderness adventures surrounded by Moab's rare natural beauty.  To squeeze the most fun out of your visit to Moab, simply choose the season that best suits your adventurous spirit.
Spring (April and May)
One of the most popular seasons in Moab is springtime, when wildflowers bloom early in the low country and linger awhile longer in the high mountains. Daytime highs average 60º to 80º F and lows average 30º to 50º F.  Naturally, springtime is also host to many special events in Moab, such as biking competitions and art festivals.
Summer (June, July and August)
Summer swoops into Moab in June bringing extremely low humidity and scarce cloud cover, which results in cool mornings, hot days near 100º F and above, and remarkably comfortable evenings as low as 60º F.  Cool morning temps are ideal for rigorous outdoor activities, and hot afternoons are quenched by water sports and scenic drives. Summer sunsets are always breathtaking, and occasionally, rainstorms manifest sudden waterfalls down Moab's towering sandstone cliffs.
Fall (Mid September through October)
Fall slowly transforms Moab into bright reds and yellows that amplify Moab's stunning red rock landscape.  Temperatures are quite comfortable, ranging between daily highs around 70º F and lows near 40º F — luring hikers, bikers, golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts to Moab's red rock playground.
Winter (November through March)
Winters are mild in Moab's lower elevations, and quite cold up yonder — where temperatures average between 10 and 50 degrees.  Heavy snowfall is uncommon, except in the nearby mountain range.  But, local trails and roads can become impassable with even light snowfall.  Still, skiers and snowmobilers delight in the winter wonderland.
You can check the current local weather conditions and forecasts by calling the automated weather line at (801) 524-5133 or visiting

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The Colorful History of Moab Utah

Moab's history is just as bold and edgy as its dazzling landscape. When you visit Moab, you step into a world rich with history and blessed by nature — nestled in a valley flanked by the Colorado River and La Sal Mountain range within the heart of the Colorado Plateau.
Native-American tribes (including Pueblo, Ute and Navajo) roamed the Moab area for thousands of years before the first Europeans arrived in 1776.  To open up trade between the regions, a group of Spanish explorers carved a travel route across the desert to California.
The Old Spanish Trail
One of these routes linked Sante Fe with Los Angeles and was named the Old Spanish Trail, which runs past the Arches National Park Visitor Center on Highway 191. Moab's location on the Old Spanish Trail was significant because it served as the Colorado River crossing to travelers on the trail, which was used extensively to transport goods on horseback.
Daring Adventures By Traders and Prospectors
Soon, the Old Spanish Trail was used by fur traders and prospectors.  Following rivers, crossing expansive plains and scaling mountains, these early explorers paved the way for the many pioneers and fortune seekers that followed in their footsteps.  Their isolated lives in the wilderness were full of tales of daring adventures and savage warfare, extreme temperatures and wild beasts.
The earliest evidence of these prospectors was left by a French-American fur trapper named Denis Julien in 1844, who chiseled his name and date into Moab's rocks.  In the decades following, many more prospectors explored the rugged Moab region on horseback.
The Mormon Church vs. The Ute Indian Tribe 
By 1855, tales told by these early explorers reached The Mormon Church, which set out to establish a trading post at the Colorado River crossing in Moab.  The Mormons settled into Moab by building a stone fort and a horse corral, planting crops, and attempting to strike up friendly connections with the Ute Indians.
The Utes had traditionally used the Moab area for gathering and trading among other tribes. Tensions between the Mormons and the Utes escalated when Indians raided the Mormon's crops — stealing melons, squashes, potatoes and turnips during the night. Repeated conflicts with and attacks by the local Ute Indians made it difficult to keep the peace, and eventually forced the Mormon settlers to abandon the post entirely.
New Settlers Arrive
For more than two decades afterward, no permanent settlers lived in the Moab area. Then, in 1878, a group of prospectors, ranchers and farmers established a permanent settlement.  Not long after, the discovery of precious metals and development of coal mines and railroads lured new immigrants to the area.
The town of Moab was officially incorporated in 1902, and Moab's first newspaper quickly spread the word about its beauty and natural marvels to the rest of the world.
Twenty years after the town of Moab was settled, a prospector named Alexander Ringhoffer wrote to the Rio Grande Western Railroad to gain support for creating a national park. Railroad executives visited the area and were so impressed with the rock wonderland that the government dispatched research teams to investigate the area.
Arches National Park is Born
To protect its remarkable arches, balanced rocks, spires and other amazing sandstone formations, President Herbert Hoover signed legislation in 1929 creating Arches National Monument, which was upgraded by Congress to Arches National Park in 1971.
Moab Becomes a Natural Playground for Outdoor Enthusiasts
Since the 1970s, tourism has flourished in Moab — inviting photographers, hikers, rafters, rock climbers and mountain bikers to the area. Moab has also become increasingly popular with base jumpers, four-wheelers and highlining enthusiasts, who regularly practice in the area.
Movies filmed in Moab have further expanded its tourist appeal.  You can catch glimpses of Moab's beauty in films like "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade"; "Thelma and Louise"; and "Mission Impossible II."  Soon, you'll see Moab in two 2013 films, "The Lone Ranger" and "After Earth."
Today, Moab is home to Arches National Park — boasting some of the most stunning red rock landscapes on Earth. It’s unique combination of natural beauty and exciting activities have made it one of the best destinations in the southwest, where adventurous souls come to play.

For More Information about activities in Moab Utah, visit the Moab Tourism Center. We book nearly every fun thing to do in Moab Utah. 

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Create Your Own Jeep® Tour That Will Excite Toddlers to Teens and Beyond

Whether you're traveling with toddlers, teenagers or grandparents, Moab Tourism Center has the perfect getaway to delight everyone in your group…all at once!  Forget the predictable travel itineraries and design your own custom adventure instead.
Now, you can explore Moab, Utah's magnificent backcountry at your own pace in one of our state-of-the-art scenic Jeeps®. This is not a harsh 4x4 rock crawl — it's your own scenic journey deep into the heart of Moab and beyond, where forces of nature have designed some of the planet's most jaw-dropping scenery.
You'll venture along easy scenic trails surrounded by Moab's irresistible beauty and immersed within the true flavor of the old West.  Wander down scenic trails, public roads and 4x4 approved trails, including Moab's fascinating wilderness in each of the following areas:
Arches National Park
Canyonland National Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Potash Road / Shafer Road
Long Canyon Road
Onion Creek
Gemini Bridges
Hurrah Pass
Chicken Corners Road

Our Scenic 2013 Jeep® Rentals accommodate up to five adults and provide a rugged combination of capability and comfort.  You'll whisk along the scenic trails of Moab in a surprisingly refined fashion.  You'll also enjoy complimentary satellite radio, a cooler stocked with ice, local maps, helpful hints and tried-and-true tips for designing an unforgettable experience.
The best thing about designing your own custom Jeep® excursion is that Moab offers something unique for everyone — from your youngest one’s first thrilling ride through the canyons to satisfying your teen’s adventuresome spirit — every person in your group will experience their very own “wide-eyed” moments!

About The Moab Tourism Center
Moab, Utah, is a "Natural Theme Park" with an endless array of adventure and activities.  The Moab Tourism Center is a full service Rental and Activity Booking Center where you can access all the fun things to do in Moab.  You can book a jeep rental online any time of day or night, or call us with questions at 435.259.0959.  Also, be sure to stop in for a visit when you get into town!

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Your Home Away From Home in Moab Utah

If you're planning a trip to Moab Utah, you're headed for amazing sights and endless adventure. Why not make your trip to Moab even better by staying in a luxury condo instead of another hotel?
Forget squeezing everyone into another tiny, cramped hotel room with thin walls, noisy surroundings, and overcrowded parking lots. Instead, experience Moab Utah in a luxury condo that provides plenty of breathing room and lots of peace and quiet — at an incredible value. Our Moab Utah condo rentals are close to all the adventure, yet private enough to relax and enjoy your stay.
Before you waste another memory or a single cent more on a humdrum hotel room, take advantage of all the comforts of home that our Moab Utah vacation rentals provide.  Enjoy beautiful views, roomy kitchens and dining areas, comfortable surroundings, plenty of room to relax, and of course, lots of privacy.

Comfortably accommodate your whole family in one of our three-bedroom luxury condos, each featuring 2.5 baths, washer and dryer (including detergent), pool and hot tub, patios and propane BBQ pits, free wi-fi and long distance, fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers, hair dryers, and fresh sheets and towels.
Your fully-equipped kitchen and dining space allows you to plan meals around your schedule and save money by eating in. No strict dining hours, no eating out of vending machines, and no driving miles out of your way for a good meal.
Sleep in as long as you want in one of three private full-size bedrooms. No more uncomfortable nights spent crammed into multiple beds in the same room, no more late night bathroom trips to disturb everyone's rest, and no more noise coming from the room next door. You enjoy comfortable, dream-filled nights in your own private room.
Visit the bathroom as often and as long as you want. No more rushing in and out to accommodate everyone else, no more towel sharing, and no more living out of a bag. Simply unpack your things and enjoy!
Grill a great meal out on your patio, take a dip in the pool, relax in the hot tub, or just enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Each of our Moab Utah condo rentals provide plenty of outdoor space so everyone can stretch out and make themselves at home.
Check in is quick and easy — all you need is the door code to access your condo. Park your car in the spacious garage, quickly unload everything, and start enjoying your stay. You're only 5 minutes from Moab, 10 minutes from Arches National Park and less than an hour away from Canyonlands National Park. You're also close to the market and gas station…just in case.
Our Moab Utah vacation rentals are your home away from home. Visit us online to reserve the perfect spot for your Moab adventure at

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Go With The Flow In Moab Utah

There are rides — and then, there are amazing rides you'll never forget! River rafting in Moab Utah is an amazing ride that stays with you for life. The beauty of the Colorado River takes you away from the hectic pace of every day life and immerses you in natural splendor — the sights, sounds, and solitude all combine to create an oasis for your senses. Indulge yourself in a remarkable journey through the wonders of nature on a guided river rafting trip by Red River Adventures and booked at the Moab Tourism Center.

From calming waters that cool your soul to rambunctious rapids that test your cool, the Moab Tourism Center has the perfect route to suit everyone's comfort and experience levels — whether you want to relax and enjoy nature or catch some air bouncing down the rapids with family and friends.
Depending on how much time you have to enjoy the river, you can choose a half-day, full-day or two-day trip. Drift along at the pace of the river between soaring canyon walls amidst spectacular scenery. Stop off on white sandy banks and enjoy a delicious lunch under bright green cottonwoods. Then, hop back into your raft and shove off to ride the rapids. Wrap up the fun with a refreshing swim or more splashy thrills.
Stay on the Colorado a little longer to experience more of the river, hearty riverside meals, and camping under a blanket of stars — and let the sound of the water lull you to sleep. We take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy every moment! Your comfort and enjoyment are the first priority for everyone at Red River Adventures and the Moab Tourism Center. You get the best rafting equipment, deluxe camping gear, and delicious food to enhance your incredible adventure.
We want every guest to be thoroughly delighted, so our focus is — and always will be — on making sure that you have a fun, safe and memorable experience. The rafting guides are enthusiastic outdoor experts with extensive whitewater skills and rescue experience. Before putting in on the river, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to stay safe, and be fitted with a life vest or personal flotation device (PFD) for extra protection. You'll also get to practice your paddling skills and learn some great new techniques before heading downstream.
The Moab Tourism Center manages all the details of your river rafting journey so you can enjoy adventurous care-free days and dreamy nights under a galaxy of stars. By the end of your journey, you'll be refreshed, full of exhilarating memories to share…and ready to plan your next rafting adventure! So, come visit us at the Moab Tourism Center, and find out why we are Moab Utah's #1 adventure booking company.

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Off-Roading In Moab Utah Is The Cure For Your Adventure Deficit Disorder

If cruising off the beaten path to explore hidden wonders and marvel at stunning scenery sounds appealing, then you're in luck!  Off-road adventure in Moab, Utah, combines the thrill of rugged desert terrain with the beauty of exquisite views you can't find anywhere else on the planet.
Moab Utah is known the world over for exciting off-road adventures ranging from wide open dirt roads to slow and steady crawls up and down steep, narrow, slick rock trails.  In fact, the toughest off-road competitors come to Moab to hone their 4x4 skills.
Hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4x4 routes crisscross the rugged backcountry on over 50 different trails.  No matter what your level of ability, beginners and experts alike find 4x4 routes worthy of conquering — from smooth and scenic backcountry trails to choppy and challenging rock crawls and everything in between.
Following are just a few of the most scenic 4x4 trails that offer a full range of off-road adventure:

  • Hell's Revenge Trail is a slow climb and even slower descent up and down steep grades and along tight edges that rewards you with unbelievably gorgeous overlooks.
  • Fins and Things Trail is an exceptionally scenic ride on slickrock and sandy hills that unfolds into steep ups and downs over rugged terrain.
  • Shafer Trail begins on blacktop featuring petroglyphs along the steep canyon walls and then transforms into a challenging one-lane drive over large rocks, sand and slick rock.
  • Hurrah Pass Trail winds through Kane Creek Canyon over sharp ledges, steep climbs and shallow water crossings up to gorgeous views atop the 4,780 foot Hurrah Pass.
  • Chicken Corners weaves along small ledges crossing high above the Colorado River on high-shelf roads where you can gaze across the river to "Thelma and Louise Point." 
  • Sevenmile Rim Trail blazes along scenic slick rock trails past Uranium Arch, Wipe-Out Trail, and miles of stunning scenery.
  • Top of the World Trail meanders along broken layered rock to a stretch of cliffs near the Colorado River, revealing a stunning viewpoint above Fisher Valley and Onion Creek  set against the backdrop of the La Sal Mountain range.  

Every 4x4 route offers exhilarating adventure and amazing scenery.  But, one of the "must-do" 4x4 trails in Moab is Hell's Revenge, famous for its steep grades and colorful slick rock roller-coaster feel.  Rolling terrain whisks you up and down petrified sand dunes and past incredible views of the Colorado River, Arches National Park, and the La Sal Mountain range.  This is an experience you definitely won't want to miss! To conquer Moab's most scenic 4x4 routes, visit The Moab Tourism Center where you'll find Jeeps specifically designed to take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

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Biking in Moab Utah Takes You Above and Beyond the Ordinary

Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Utah between towering sandstone walls is a lush green river valley — Moab.  While Moab Utah has long been popular with river and hiking enthusiasts, over the years, it's become known as the ultimate mountain biking "mecca."  It earned this reputation for good reason — in addition to its plateaus and deep canyons, the views are over-the-top spectacular.  The combination of riding trails for all skill levels and southern climate make Moab Utah a haven for mountain biking and cycling.
Novices can ease into cycling on many of Moab's low-key trails with bikes and equipment available from The Moab Tourism Center.  Bicycling in Moab Utah is every bit as enjoyable and much less strenuous — taking you into the heart of the region and surrounding you with incredible scenery. Escape the confines of pavement and set out to more peaceful, secluded spots, such as the Moab Brand Trails, Klondike Bluffs and the Intrepid Trail System:
· The Brand Trails invite beginners to explore a network of trails, including the Bar M trail, which loops around to other beginner trails like the Lazy EZ and Rusty Spur trails.
· Klondike Bluffs Trail is the perfect slickrock adventure for first-timers that begins with a moderate climb and covers minor technical terrain over a 9.6 mile round trip, and then wraps up with a short hike over the last half mile.
· The Intrepid Trail System is a family-friendly slickrock trail with even terrain, mellow slopes and dramatic views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park.
· The La Sal Loop is thoughtfully designed for bicycling on skinny tires.  The loop takes you past Castle Valley, continues up to the lush green La Sal Mountains, and winds down the backside into the Moab valley. For an extra treat, wait up on the bluff overlooking town to watch the sun sink toward the horizon.  Then, coast down the trail into town before dark.
More experienced riders can strike out on multi-day treks across the rough desert terrain.  In fact, Moab offers mountain biking enthusiasts some of the best trails on the planet. Technical challenges, high plateaus, washboard terrain, steep cliffs, and ledges that demand speed and then surprise you with unexpected corners are just a few of the reasons that Moab trails are on the wish lists of most mountain bikers worldwide!
Slickrock is the world famous trail that transformed Moab into a mountain biking mecca.  Endless stretches of barren rock as slick as sandpaper treat mountain bikers to gravity-defying maneuvers and pure exhiliration.  Explore elevated sandstone platforms flanked by cliffs cut by the Colorado River, and reward yourself with panoramic views of Arches National Park and the La Sal Mountain range.
Whichever trails you choose, whether bicycling or mountain biking, you'll experience thrilling rides past stunning scenery that you won't believe…and you'll never forget.  Since you'll be riding a combination of bike paths, paved roads, and rugged backcountry tracks, you'll want a great bike that you can count on.  So, stop by the Moab Tourism Center for all the best mountain biking equipment in Moab.

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